The festive season is once again approaching but first and foremost, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing AQuaH Training School (ATS). Gratitude is a powerful emotion, and because of you, we are overwhelmed with it. It has been a privilege to have had the chance to serve you in 2021. Your unwavering support helped us make it thus far and we are excited for the new year. Please see below the new changes that will be taking effect from December 2021.

Festive Season Closing Period
As it is customary for all learning institutions to close at this time of the year, we would like to announce that ATS will be closing from the 23rd of December 2021 until the 9th of January 2022. This implies that all staff – including our instructors, assessors, and support staff – will not be available to assist you during this period.

Resumption of ATS Staff
Kindly note that all the school’s staff will only be available from the 10th of January 2022. Therefore, any communication that requires our attention will be attended to from the 10th of January 2022.

E-Learning Course Extension
Due to the closure, learners that have registered and enrolled with us in the year 2021 will be given an opportunity to extend their courses by a period of 1 – 2 weeks depending on the progress they have made with their respective courses by the time the school closes.

Learners that require their certificates during December should have their courses completed by the 20th of December 2021.

Learners that register and pay for new courses between the 23 rd of December 2021 and the 9th of January 2021 will be enrolled in their respective courses from the 10th of January 2021.

We wish you and your loved ones good health, safety and happiness this holiday season and in the coming new year.

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