AQuaH Training School Celebrates Youth In Health

AQuaH Training School (ATS) in collaboration with ABBVIE has decided to award
125 learners with a fully funded HIV Management Guideline, SA course. We decided
on registering 75 learners of our interested alumni to the course while the other 50
we planned on offering the course to the South African youth on Youth Day. The
dedication, passion and deep desire to improve yourself and your community during
a global pandemic and the HIV epidemic is why we choose to celebrate young
people on June 16th, 2021.

We hope to alleviate some of the pressures faced by the South African youth and
therefore have dedicated ourselves to helping empower and equip young people
with the necessary skills to help better their communities and themselves. HIV/Aids
is still predominant in our society and having the knowledge to properly manage and
treat individuals who are infected is more important than ever.
This promotion was launched on June 16th, 2021 and within 5 days we were able to
achieve and exceed our goal of 50 students. This was a great result and it
highlighted the number of interested South African health professionals who saw the
value of having the knowledge to be able to engage and manage HIV in South

AQuaH Training School is a new entrant in the healthcare education space and
through our mission of helping healthcare workers develop the necessary skills
needed in the South African healthcare sector in an affordable and accessible way,
we were quickly accepted by the market. We hope to offer more funded courses
through the help of funders and partners who share our mission & vision.
For more information on AQuaH Training School, visit our website and view our other courses here.