The NIMART eLearning Program – is an online Basic HIV Clinical Management Acceleration Program that tackles the fundamentals of HIV management — prevention, diagnosis, referral and linkages to care, treatment initiation, monitoring and treatment success. The course is fully online can be completed in 1-6 weeks depending learner’s pace and progress.


This NIMART program is designed for professional nurses who would like to enhance their knowledge and clinical skills in HIV care. The HIV Clinical Management Acceleration Program (eLearning) enables participants to accelerate their impact through an intensive learning journey, which will lead to more prepared clinicians and improved competency in HIV clinical management. AQuaH Training School offers contact classes for students interested in face-to-face classes. Click here to view our schedule.

What is NIMART?

NIMART involves nurse-initiation of patients onto ART, re-prescription for patients stable on ART, and appropriate referral to physicians as needed.

What Does the NIMART course cover?

Important aspects of counselling will be covered. PICT and counselling of specialised groups. The course will cover epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of TB. Participants will gain theoretical knowledge in managing adverse drug reactions and shared side effects with ARVs. Syndromic management of STIs and how this can be used as an entry point to HCT.The epidemiology of HIV, staging, diagnosis, ARV treatment, management of opportunistic infections and other topics.

How Is The NIMART Training Done?

AQuaH Training School offers both online and contact class versions of the course. The online course is self-paced and students are given a maximum of 6 weeks to complete the course. Students can start as soon as they have registered and paid via our website.

Where Can A NIMART Nurse Work?

Professional nurses who have completed the NIMART course can be employed in hospitals, NGO's and clinics across South Africa. AQuaH Training school has a quarterly newsletter that highights new job openings for healthcare professionals

Target Audience

Professional Nurses and Clinical Associates


Self-paced: 1 – 6 weeks


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