HIV Counselling and Testing



This is a training program to improve the quality of HIV counselling and to ensure the accuracy of HIV test results.


Knowing one’s HIV status is critical to the achievement of prevention and treatment goals, making HIV Counselling and Testing the gateway to a complete continuum of care. The South African Government has embarked on a deliberate effort to scale up and strengthen the quality of HIV Testing Services at all public health facilities and non-health sites offering this service, and over the years, testing and counselling has improved and has progressively become more available and acceptable to our people.


All HIV Testing Services must adhere to the 5Cs: Confidentiality, Counselling, Consent, Correct results and Connection, or linkage to care, and all must be based within a human rights context. In addition to the 5Cs, a variety of innovative approaches  are encouraged to reduce the number of missed opportunities. These include provider-initiated counselling and testing, couple counselling and testing, home- to-home and infant and children counselling and testing in alignment to the revised WHO guidelines.


Participants will be assessed on ongoing exercises, pre and post tests, case studies and assignment.


To qualify for the certificate of completion for this short course, participants should fully attend the course fully as well as successfully complete the assessment process.


Training content was developed based on the original SA-NDoH/WHO/CDC HIV Rapid Testing Training Package. This training package has been adapted to be more prescriptive, with emphasis on hands-on activities and the use of simple and practical tools and approaches to enhance counselling, quality assurance cycle and ensure the accuracy of testing. It is a critical component of healthcare worker Continuous Professional Development.

Course Design

The course is available via self-paced eLearning course. This interactive training program is composed of classroom presentations and over 20 hands-on activities. In addition to the classroom training, this training program can be used as on-site training for continuous improvement. Individual activities or tools may be selected on as-needed basis depending on the gaps identified by the HIV Testing Services and Laboratory programs.

Target Audience

All healthcare practitioners, testers, community workers, lay counsellors, all cadres of nurses, clinical associates, pharmacists, medical officers, program managers and leadership teams.


Self-paced: 3 weeks


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